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voice-over talent   narrator   announcer

Michael Dean

voice-over talent   narrator   announcer

An experienced voice-over professional and seasoned narrator

Michael’s voice-over range begins with his signature Deep, Dark, Dramatic voice-over but he can shift gears to something more natural, like the guy next door. Though he excels at authoritative voice-over reads, he possesses the versatility to deliver more nuanced performances as well. You likely found examples of the following in his demos.

Low Key Subtle | Down-To-Earth American | Dry Matter-Of-Fact | Over-The Top Announcer | Warm & Heartfelt | Raspy | Tough & Edgy | Wry or Sarcastic | Deadpan | Awestruck | Fatastical

Whether you’re looking for a voice-over for an upcoming Radio or Television Commercial, TV Promo, Radio Imaging or a Narration of a Documentary for Television, Film or Streaming platforms, Michael Dean has the voice and the talent to take your project to the next level.

Automotive Commercials

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Action Movie


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